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Level 2 Certified
Level 2 Certified

The undersigned hereby voluntarily consents to engage in fitness/multisport coaching that is designed to improve your overall fitness level and triathlon race performance.

Upon receipt of the completed, signed Athlete profile and Health Assessment forms you will receive a customized, individual training plan specific to your current fitness level, goals and race needs.  You will be asked to wear a heart rate monitor and to track your keep your coach informed of your progress and of the actual percentage of training accomplished.  Each workout is designed specifically for you and is based on many factors including the feedback that you provide to your coach.  It will be geared to maintain your individual strengths and improve in areas of weakness.  It will take into account your overall athletic and fitness level as you have reported it.

The training program is designed to maximize your potential for improvement with the minimal amount of training required. You can expect to see gradual, steady improvement in your fitness as you progress through the training. It is imperative that you try to follow the program as designed and not to rush your fitness. Specific key workouts may be indicated as well as days of reduced training/rest that should be followed to reap the greatest benefits.

Recovery, rest and nutrition all plays a key role in your ability to train and race to your maximum potential. Specifically a recovery day or days may be even MORE important than a hard training day. Athletes may be asked to pay specific attention to your nutritional intake and diet on a daily basis, particularly on race days.
As part of the coaching program, you are entitled to both phone calls and e-mails as your questions arise. It is the athlete’s responsibility to call the coach. The coach will return calls as soon as possible if not immediately available.

The rates for coaching services are as follows:

Custom Plan- $195/mo

This plan is customized and specific to your race needs and goals. This plan includes face to face training, race nutrition, race strategy, mental preparation, goal setting, as well as, unlimited communication within reasonable limits (athlete initiated). In addition, specific needs are taken into account as the plan is personalized to your training tastes, abilities and goals. This training plan is priced at $195/month.

Customized Plan includes:

Individualized Training schedule updated as required
Athlete Training Guidelines
Functional Strength Training Guidelines
Technical Skills Coaching and Workshops
Race Strategies and Tactics
Mental Toughness
Nutritional guidance for training and racing
Unlimited Communication ( athlete initiated)

Individual Skills Sessions
·Nutritional Guidance for training and racing
·Computrainer Analysis
                      Power- Watts - Spin Scan analysis
                      Pedal Stroke Analysis
                      Pedaling efficiency
                      Body Positioning
·Swim Stroke Analysis
·Stretching/Functional Strength Training
·Open water Swim Techniques and Drills
·Run Analysis and Drills        

The monthly individual athlete price is $195 per month.  Coaching fees are due by the 5th of each month. You may pay via Paypal on our Payment Page or mail your check to the following address:

Tri K2  Kallio Koaching
Pam Kallio
3505 E. Hawser St
Tucson, AZ 85739-8898

As with virtually any athletic activity, there exists a certain risk of injury. The undersigned acknowledges this risk and agrees that his/her physical condition is adequate to safely train for triathlon. The undersigned further agrees that if during training an activity causes pain, you are to stop immediately. However, when participating in any training program, it is important to distinguish between normal muscular discomfort due to fatigue, and real musculoskeletal pain that precedes an injury.
Any and all questions concerning training principles and coaching philosophy are encouraged. You can help the coach do a better job for you by keeping him/her informed and through timely communication with him/her.

Athletes are responsible/accountable for providing a minimum of a weekly update/feedback to the coach. Athletes are responsible for initiating weekly calls with the coach.

All Fees paid in advance
All training and nutrition plans are confidential - Training plans and nutritional information are specific to an individual and should not be shared with other athletes
All phone calls, emails and correspondence to be held in mutual confidence.

I have read the above and agree to follow the same.

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Coaching Consent and Agreement Form